Subject Re: [firebird-support] Please give me some helps
Author Ann W. Harrison
hfsnell wrote:
> I am using Firebird 1.5.3 for my application. Day by day my database
> is bigger and bigger. My boss ask me for a solution to make the size
> of database small by backing up the old information and delete it from
> the database but when users need access it they can.

Err, are you storing new data? If so, well, a database is like
any other file - the more data you put in it, the bigger it gets.
If not, can you backup and restore the database periodically?

This question is frequently asked by people whose databases store
transient and volatile data - stored, modified, then deleted. The
database grows rapidly at first, until it is big enough to hold
the largest amount of data stored, then grows very slowly. Search
the list archives for many many explanations.

> Is there a way I know the last time a record was accessed?

No. You can use triggers to keep track of inserts & updates,
but there's no way to reliably record read access.

Disks are really really cheap - much cheaper than the time
you would spend developing and managing an archive of data
that users need to access rarely.