Author Adam
--- In, Michael Weissenbacher
<mw@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> > I know, in MySQL there is a possibility to grant all on *.*, which
means to
> > grant all privileges to public on every table, view, etc.
> > And I know, there isn't a possibility in FB1.5.
> true, unfortunately the only way is to do a grant statement for every
> view and every table, which can be annoying. with ibexpert for example
> you can simulate it, but there is not direct way to do it. i guess this
> would be a much needed feature, maybe someone should make a feature
> request on :)
> Michael

You do not normally want to grant everyone all access to everything.
Most people for whom security is of no concern could simply log in as
SYSDBA (which has rights to everything).

But if you did want to head down that road, surely it would not be too
hard to create a stored procedure. This procedure could run a for
select loop through RDB$RELATIONS, then use the EXECUTE STATEMENT
syntax (see FB 1.5 Release notes) to do the grant.

Then execute the procedure and commit.