Subject Re: GBak Slow under Classic
Author Adam
--- In, "will.honor" <will.honor@...>
> Is it normal for Gbak to perform very slowly under classic server?

No, not particularly. What is the exact command line you are passing
to gbak?

What do you mean by 'slow'?

> If not do you have any suggestions as to what might be wrong?

Garbage collection, try using -g option to see if that is your problem.

> There seem to be lots of pauses in the execution, Using Superserver
> on the same machine and DB performs much faster. At the time of the
> backup GBak has exclusive access to the DB so I don't think this is a
> concurrency issue.

If I am right about garbage collection, then the SS backup wont have
as much garbage to worry about because CS cleaned it up earlier.