Subject Re: update problem
Author martinknappe
sounds like a good starting point
i've just discovered the tibevents component in delphi
but how do i create and trigger such custom events in my database; any
good resource on that?

--- In, Florian Hector <FHector@...>
> > let's assume the select procedure for the selection of entries from
> > dicentries is called select_procedure(params)
> > when an update on dskrpts is taking place, the server could check
> > whether this updates is to do with the fields dskrpts.asdskrpt or
> > dskrpts.zsdskrpt. let's assume dskrpts.asdskrpt was changed from 'a'
> > to 'b'
> > now the server could check to see if there is any open connection
> > where data was sent to via select_procedure(params) and
> > "where 'a' in select asdskrpt1 from select_procedure(params)"
> > if that is so, the respective record could be refreshed (don't know
> > whether that's possible at all w/o the respective dataset first
> > requesting a refresh)
> Martin,
> you should get yourself familiar with events. Together with
Update/Insert/Delete triggers you can
> notify all your clients about any changes of any table. The client
gets a notification and can then
> decide whether or not it needs to refresh its querys.
> I don't think that this can be done any other way since the server
cannot just send anything no one
> has asked for.
> Florian