Subject Re: [firebird-support] Zebedee, Firebird, and Dynamic DNS
Author Artur Anjos

If it disconnects at the time the IP change, there is real nothing you
can do to help this out. Normally, the problem is with DNS Cache at the
client side (windows XP clients that are using zebedee will keep the
last address in cache), so it will be difficult for you to re-connect.

The fact that the client didn't had the problem before isn't a reason
for this: changes in IP could started now. So, please check this out
first - is is possible for you to keep a log of the ip-address changes ?

If that it's not the problem, timeout problems in zebedee may be. Dig in
zbd docs to see if you can change it.

I use zbd in a lot of places, but just to connect to fixed ip addresses. :-(