Subject Re: [firebird-support] Removing a check constraint caused from a domain
Author Paul R. Gardner
Unfortunately that's not the case. In RDB$Relation_Fields, the
RDB$Field_Source points to a Firebird generated name, not to 'BOOLEAN'
like other fields with this domain. When I look up the specific domain
(RDB$1337) in RDB$Fields, nothing is different in it than another test
field I just created with type SmallInt.

I should point out the only single difference I found: In
RDB$Relation_Fields I compared this field with the new field that was
SmallInt from the beginning. The RDB$Update_Flag was set to 1 for the
old field, and 0 for the new field. The Firebird Book lists this field
as not in use. I changed it anyways without success, then changed it

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