Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB 1.5 vs. Win2003 + Xeon
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:37 PM 8/06/2006, you wrote:

>We found that specifically on Windows 2003 Servers with multiple
>CPUs. We tried turning hyper-threading off and setting
>CpuAffinityMask to 1 and the problems presisted. Setting up people
>with Classic server is not a real option for us due to logistical
>reasons. As something to try we set CpuAffinityMask to 3 in the
>firebird.conf file (here's the exact line).
>CpuAffinityMask = 3
>This worked for us and continues to work at many installations. I'm
>not saying that it will work for you but I think it's worth a try.
>Again this problem was specific to us on the exact OS and similar
>hardware this message was posted for. Before you just dismiss it,
>please try it and report back your results. I should add that we
>are using Firebird 1.5.2 on all Windows operating systems. Since we
>discovered this setting works on the specific Windows 2003 OS we've
>tried it with our software on all Windows OS with various hardware
>configurations and have not found a problem with it.

I don't dismiss it. I was told two years ago of a "standard hardware
configuration" involving Xeons on a specific m/b, that is deployed to
customers of a specialised POS system vendor here in Aus that is always set
up with CPU affinity at 2 or 3, depending on whether the system is dual or
quad. The informant reported that the servers ran consistently across both
(or all) CPUs at around 17% of capacity, with good disposition of peak
loading as well. They like this particular h/w configuration for other
behaviour as well. I must chase this fellow up as he said he'd get a
report of the configuration from their system-builder guys, as well as some

./heLen (hello world from Adelaide!)