Subject Re: order-by problem
Author Adam

I have now had a brief chance to play subsititute with your tables and
fields for tables and fields in my database, and the order by works as
I expected.

Two things to note:

1) By default, the order by will put all the upper case characters first
2) If your varchar field contains data that could be interpreted as a
number, then the sorting rules are different in the varchar field. The
characters are compared 1 at a time. When 10 is compared to 9, 1 (the
first character in 10) comes before 9, so it would go first.

If these are not your issue, then please provide a script to be run in
iSQL that

1) Creates tables
2) Inserts some data
3) Defines your stored procedure
4) Executes that stored procedure, demonstrating the problem.

You should highlight in step 4 your expected results (just in case we
don't understand what is wrong).

We will then be able to determine if it is a bug, a 'feature', or any
other explanation.