Subject Re: Best OS tu use with Firebird ??
Author Adam
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> I have a Red Hat v9 2.4kernel with Fb 1.5 Superserver. I´am using ext
> 3 for the Partition Type.
> 100 users use thist Server to access a single Database.
> The Server Hardware is an IBM Server Series 206, with 3GB Ram and 2
> disks in Raid 1.
> Is this OS the best choice for my equipment ?

Do you honestly expect an answer to that?

> Does Fb runs better with a Server 2003 and NTFS ?

No better, I doubt any worse either. Both have benefits and issues.

> Does Fb Clasic Server run s better for 100 users with 3Gb of Ram ?

Classic server runs better where multiple CPUs are involved,
Superserver runs better where the different connections run similar
queries and can share the cache. I would think that (unless you have
bumped up the cache size significantly) 100 users would take under a Gig.

> Another Question.
> How can I check if The Raid Card is apropiate for my workload ?
> Can I see some statictis or something else ? I have not experience
> with Linux.

To be honest, you are dealing with a database server for 100 users.
You mention 2 disks? What are they? (Better be SCSI). You may want to
consider a separate disk for the tmp space.