Subject Re: [firebird-support] Control number of users login concurrently (Continue)
Author Ann W. Harrison
Alvin Leong wrote:
> I am mean is interbase 5.6 have user licenses to control on number of
> users login concurrently. e.g If i bought 20 user licenses, the
> interbase only allow 20 users to log into database concurrently.
> Did firebird have built-in function or any other external user define
> function to allow me to control number of user login?

No, and if it did have, it wouldn't work. Firebird is a FOSS
free and open source project - if we included a mechanism to
limit logins, any moderately skillful programmer could remove
the mechanism. If your application requires restricting the
number of concurrent connections, you could implement a layer
that handles connections, have your users login through that
layer and restrict connections there.