Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Converting from blob to another type
Author Jiri Cincura
On 31.5.2006 1:28 +0200 Adam wrote:
> Pretty much violates the relational model when data can not be typed.

I know. :( But it's not mine idea.

> Perhaps it is mostly numeric with a few other alpha characters? If so,
> it should be a domain based on (var)char with constraint rules as
> appropriate.

The idea is, that each user has columns like param_type and param_value. The
param type can be eq. LastId, LastDate, Filter, etc. And the param_value is
the value for constructing in app. the object, etc. If there's Filter,
there's string, if LastId there's int, etc. There's for this time about 20
parameter types.

It's not good, but I must use this.

Jiri Cincura