Subject Re: Connected Users
Author Adam
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> > I'm wanting to be able to programmatically see who is
> > attached/connected to a database. I've read a great deal about this on
> > the internet, and the general idea is it can not be done now. Is this
> > something that is going to be in 2.0 or a laster version of Firebird?
> It won't be in Firebird 2.0, but you may want to look at the
> development roadmap to see where the priorities lay.
> You can of course implement your own user tracking, and you always
> have access to the CURRENT_USER environment variable which you can use
> to audit events within triggers etc.
> Adam

I tell a small lie, there is an API call but that only tells you which
users are logged into the engine you call it on. Of course classic
gives one engine per connection (like Apache), so you are always going
to get back one user under classic.

If you are attempting a method of enforcing some license restriction
on your product, that would cause you grief because one could just
replace superserver with classic and immediately be able to connect
from unlimited users (except obviously implementation limits).

Under classic, you can get the number of active connections by
counting the fb_inet_server processes and subtracting 1, but you need
to remember that database admin tools and backups have their own
connections. Also remember that the connections may not be to YOUR