Subject Re: [firebird-support] Reg Firebird License
Author Ann W. Harrison
Jason Dodson wrote:
> Yes, but being GPL, and you are distributing it, you have to make the source for that build of firebird available.

First, it's not GPL - it's IPL/IDPL which are close
derivatives of MPL, the Mozilla Public License created
for Mozilla/ThunderBird/Firefox.

Second, if it were GPL, you could not use it with
proprietary software because the GPL requires that
all software linked with GPL software be released
under GPL ... with full sources.

Third, the IPL/IDPL does not restrict your right
to redistribute the software unchanged - with open
source applications, closed source applications, or
even all by itself charging anything the traffic
will bear. There is no requirement to provide the
sources unless you change Firebird.