Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBExpert on Linux/WINE?
Author Michael Weissenbacher
sorry for still hijacking this list on FlameRobin topics ;)

> I'm currently using specialized FBExport and FBCopy tools for this. We might
> or might not integrate those with FlameRobin in future.
At least for me it would be very useful.

> Happens to me too. However, I'm unable to reproduce it consistently, so it
> hard to fix when you don't know what the exact problem is. I plan to look
> into this one soon.
I've not been able to reproduce it consistently either. But it always
seems to happen when i accendently drag something in the databases tree.

> Is that with version 0.7.2? Does it happen for any privileges?
Nevermind, it's working now. I guess it was some incompatibly with my
wxGTK Version, because the query window didn't work either. The whole
100% CPU problem has disappeared now.

> Perhaps you should join our mailing list.
I just tried that, but it somehow didn't work. Will try again tomorrow

> Before making it, we tried to
> discuss what people would want from the "Grant management", but we didn't get
> much comments or opinions on it. So we created what we though best.
IMO the easiest way would be to allow the user to directly click into
the table that displays privilege information and set the check marks there.
It would be awesome to have some "GRANT ALL ON ALL TO USERNAME" and
Also the prvilege window should have the possibility to select a
username, not only a input field.

Another thing that is badly needed imo would be the direct edit in
result sets.

kind regards,