Subject Re: Re: Problem with special german characters
Author ille7
> WIN1252
> However, there is no special German collation for WIN1252 so I don't
> know how the Umlauts are treated.
This charset doesn't works with german umlauts.

Now I'm use ISO8859_1 as charset und for every VarChar-/Char-Field the
collate DE_DE.
Then the UPPER()-function works fine with german umlauts.

Thanks to all for your help. :-)

Best regards,

Sorry, that I open a third thread with the same topic, but if I try to
answer direct to the newsgroup my message dosen't appears in the newsgroup.
So I have to send my answer as an email to the newsgroup and every email
opens a new thread.

I don't no why I can't answer direct.
In other newsgroups I haven't such problems.