Subject Re: How to tune Firebird for smallest memory footprint?
Author Adam
--- In, "Nathan Probst"
<nathan.probst@...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got a Firebird-based app almost ready to roll out, and I'm
wanting to
> tune the Firebird server that is distributed with it, to minimize the
> average memory footprint over time. I don't have any experience
with tuning
> the server, and I'm hoping someone out there can help me...
> So, here's my requirements:
> - Using SuperServer
> - Moderate (64MB max) memory usage under load is OK
> - Minimum memory usage (<8MB) )when server is not under load
> This database server accompanies a system extension and is always
> Connection is via TCP and shared across a few processes. Work occurs in
> bursts, when max performance is desired, but most of the time, it's just
> waiting and should minimize resource usage.

If you only have a small number of potential connections that come in
bursts, you may find that classic server will use less overall memory.
It does not have a shared cache, so after a process disconnects, all
the resources used by that connection are freed. With Superserver, the
cache will remain there.

The settings are all in Firebird.conf

DefaultDbCachePages, etc

You will need to restart the server process for changes to take effect.