Subject ANN: The InterBase and Firebird Developer Magazine #4
Author Alexey Kovyazin
Dear Readers,

I guess some of you have become a bit tired of waiting and wondering
when the new issue would be released. I am really sorry about the long
delay, but there have been some serious financial and time issues
holding up production.

We’ve come to realize that producing the magazine with only advertising
and sponsors to support it is impossible. We’ve decided to change our
business model slightly. We are going to run special proprietary
editions of each issue with bonus articles. These special editions will
be available in electronic (printable PDF) and paper versions. From this
issue forward, the latest issue will be available only for purchase for
a period—say one or two weeks from publication—and will be fully
released afterwards for everyone, minus the bonus articles.

Now issue 1 (4), 2006 is released. This issue is devoted to the
cutting edge of Firebird technologies - Fyracle. You can read about
Fyracle’s story and its exciting features.

The second main topic is TPC-C test results. There are some very
interesting results, so don’t miss the article about it in the TestBed
section of our magazine!

Our bonus material for this issue is the first part of “The
Comprehensive Repairing Guide for InterBase and Firebird”. This part is
“Corruption reasons, Part 1”.

You can download free preview of issue 4 here:

or buy electronic version (instant access to full PDF, including bonus
article), USD$9.99/EUR9.99:

Paper version will be also available very soon.

Please feel free to ask any questions!

With best regards,
Alexey Kovyazin