Subject Re: Insert a data value
Author Jeff Lynn
If you dynamically generate the SQL statement, you can use the
following example:
insert into xxx values (....., '2006-10-11 11:12:13', ...)

Most database engine will know how to convert an ISO date or ISO
timestamp into the proper value prior inserting the record into the table.

Or you can use parameter markers in Java or C/C++ like:

inser into xxx values(?, ?, ...?)

and use XSQLDA to specify the value of each fields at run time.

--- In, Adriano <fadrianoc@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> in access database i use this DataString value to INSERT a new record,
> for DATE field (taken from a combodata.value)
> DataString = "#" & Format$(ComboData.value, "yyyy/mm/dd") & " 00.00.00#"
> Now in FB2 i receive a conversion error from string
> which is the correct string to pass to insert to correctly insert a
DATE value ?
> thanks
> Adriano