Subject Re: how do i know what's the ideal page size for my database
Author Adam
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> Ok, I did that. When I change the page size from 4kbyte to 16 kbyte my
> queries execute *way faster. but what's all the fuss about? just to
> make myself some idea of how these pages are physically represented in
> the database and see whether there's a way to speed things up even

These may help:

A higher page size allows for a greater density of data on a single
page (obviously). Buffers etc are measured in pages, so perhaps the
performance increase has more to do with the fact your cahce will be 4
times the size with a 16K pagesize.

> is there a reason why ibexpert offers me page sizes of 4, 8 and 16
> kbyte or would it be equally meaningful to change the page size in the
> script to, say 3 kbyte or anything else?

Looks suspiciously like powers of 2 ;)