Subject Re: [firebird-support] which messages should be translated?
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:45 AM 28/05/2006, you wrote:
>Does anyone know which range of messages in firebird.msg file corresponds to
>120000-130000 seems like for backup/restore service (gbak)????
>Is there ranges something like above?
>PS: We would like to translate (already started) messages for our users.

There is some sort of loose grouping of the gdscodes within the
sqlcodes but it's more or less coincidental. I think probably the
grouping was more reliable in the earliest days of InterBase.

There's a list of the sqlcodes, gdscode symbols (for use in PSQL) and
the isc codes, with corresponding English messages, in a document
that you can download at this page:

That list was extracted from the msg.fdb database, which you can find
as a gbak file in the /src/msg directory of the Firebird source
tree. (You can download the gbak file directly from the cvs viewer).

I probably still have the stored procedure that I wrote to extract
the material for that document. If you want to attack it at that
level, I could look for it. I also have the raw (but tidied up) data
that was written to a text file by the procedure. I suppose I could
put those up in the userdoc area if anyone were interested.