Subject Re: Operating System Directive Createfile failed
Author Adam
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> We use Interbase Express and ADO Objects to connect. The firebird
> client we use is version, firebird embedded.
> This error most commonly occurs on startup of computer on both
> Windows XP and Windows 2000 Professional. Our app is tied to the
> windows system login.

Embedded Firebird means that the database server engine is loaded into
the process space of your application. The Firebird engine attempts to
write to some files (eg. Firebird.log, ?.lck) when it loads. This is
assumed to be in the parent folder of the firebird server. In a 'real'
server (SS or CS), this would be "C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5".

I'n not 100% sure what you mean by it is tied to the system login. Do
you mean it is a service application, or for example it is in the
starup folder or reg keys? I have never tried to do that, but possibly
Windows is using %SYSTEM32% as the working folder and hence it tries
to write the log and lock file to the parent folder %WINDIR%.

Firebird is a multi-OS dbms. It does not assume that the windows
folder even exists. In fact, it does not even assume the paths have
backslashes in it, because on most other OS it is forward slash. So
there is no particular interest in the windows folder as you
indicated. It may just choose that folder because of where it is
launched from.