Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: DayOfWeek equivalent
Author Richard Wesley
On May 23, 2006, at 17:31, Adam wrote:

>> Is this a change for FB2? TFB p160 warns about EXTRACT(NULL).
> It does say that, hmmm.
> The behaviour I describe is FB 1.5(.3 Classic on WinXP through iSQL).
> There is nothing that I have seen in the FB 2 release notes that
> indicates any change in behaviour for Extract.
> I don't imagine it would crash on null by design, the function in
> 1.5.3 behaves as I would expect with respect to null. Perhaps it was
> an issue with an older version of Firebird.

TFB simply says that it is an "exception" by which I assumed it meant
"SQL Exception", not "runtime exception"!

> Here we go:
> Bug # 538201
> fixed by Claudio Valderrama
> (1.5) Crash with extract from null as date.
> FB 1.5 release notes p132.

Very interesting. When I get a moment I will remove the guards and
run my test suite and post what it does (the test suite exercises all
the extract codes with a variety of dates).

No one told me in school that CS was an empirical discipline ;-)

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