Subject Re: [firebird-support] Numeric(18,4) calculations
Author t.s.
>> both "qty" and "unit_price" is numeric(18,4).
>> From my testing, the 'limit' seems to be around 11-12 digits.
> There is nothing to wonder at: multiplying numeric(18,4) by
> numeric(18,4) you are getting numeric(19,8).
Understood. But is there a way to do the calculation ANYWAY since the
resulting number *should* fit in numeric(18,4) ? Using numeric(18,4) as
'currency' data type pretty much dictates that at some point it will be
used in such calculations.

Unless you're saying that we should not use numeric(18,4) as a currency
data type at all... If that's the case, then what do you suggest we use
for this purpose?

Thanks in advance,