Subject Re: [firebird-support] SYSDBA not in users table
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:58 AM 24/05/2006, you wrote:
>Hi - odd problem here - Delphi6/IBO app on FB1.5 that is quite old
>and I have deployed loads of times no problem.
>Now though, we have recruited a new developer and cannot get to run
>on his XP Home or W2K machine (all local - no network.)
>IB Expert is OK - just my app is playing up
>Error "SYSDBA is not in users table" pops up on login. SYSDBA is
>definitly there as I have looked in security.fdb. If I put in a wrong
>user/password then login error occurs that proves it is connecting.

That's not a Firebird error, so I guess the way to find out what
exception is being handled will be to scan your code for a handler
containing that text.

NB, IBO-specific Also check your IB_Connection properties: if the
property SysDBA is set, make it null; or if there is IB_SYSDBA set
in the connection Params property, remove it.

>Both these PC's are developer ones so are probably "contaminated" in
>some way ad developer machines usually are - I am assured though they
>have never had Interbase on them.

AFAIK, that's not an InterBase error either.

>Is there a config parameter somewhere for this?

A config parameter for what?