Subject Re: Blob Compression
Author spec_tech_2000
Unfortunatly, doing this on the client side is not possible. I have
some code that should do what I need but I am still not sure hoe to
impliment it.

I guess what I need to do is step back and better understand blobs,
compression, and filters. Does anyone have any good references for me
to study? Any websites with detailed explainations on implimenting a
filter from start to finish?

Thank you,

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> Jeff,
> > We need to automatically compress and decompress large text blobs as
> > they are written to and read from the database. I believe this can be
> > done with a filter but I do not know how to write or impliment it. If
> > anyone has some sample code, a link, or knows where there might be a
> > good tutorial it would be greatly appreciated.
> Filters only work if you explicitly tell the server to fetch blobs
> for a specific filter.
> Some client component sets understand this, but it's not an easy
> task.
> It would be far easier to do this on the client side.
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