Subject Re: SQL 'task'
Author mikcaau
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> Hi Lester!
> Lester Caine wrote:
> > I have been running a system for over ten years now that manages
> > at drop-in type offices for councils, Inland Revenue and the like. The
> > main tables are fairly simple. TICKET has a record for each ticket
> > issued ( nowadays this includes tickets for telephone inquiries
this ;)
> >
> > Lester Caine - G8HFL
> HTH,
> Set
Doing something similar with patients in an hospital. Have patient
table, InPatient table and Transfers table as patient moves from
ward/care team to ward/care team.
State can be determined when observation timestamp is between XFer_In
TimeStamp and XFer_Out timestamp and
InPatientId = XFer.PatientId

Chat off list if you want more.

Unfortunately I'm using Or***e. Has some neat functions though.