Subject Re: [firebird-support] Simplest install?
Author Stefan Heymann
Hi Sandor,

> I have a question. What is the simplest way to install an FB2.0
> client on Windows? Is it enough to copy fbclient.dll into system
> directory, or should I register, or do something tricky to get it
> working? I have written an app which need to be installed on very
> different machines in countrywide, and I dont want to travel all
> over just for a five minute work.

I have tried that for Firebird 1.5, and yes, mostly all you need is
fbclient.dll. Firebird 2.0 shouldn't be that much different.

What a great system. I always install our application software
(together with fbclient.dll) to a directory on the client's file
server and they just run the .exe from there. There is no need for
them to install and configure clients or even aliases on all the
machines they want to use for tha app. That's very elegant and there
has been no problem so far.

(In comparison, when you want a machine to run an Oracle 8
application, IIRC the minimum client installation was about 50 MB or
so :-))

for more information.

Best Regards


Stefan Heymann