Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: two machines - different resultsets for ORDER BY
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
d_dude_2003 wrote:
> The fact is database file is the same.

So, does this mean that the database is on a server and that two
different machines connecting to this database gets different results,
or that one database is a copy of the other. If so, how is the copy
made? If done through gbak, have you tried restoring the file on both
your machine and the customers machine to see if the difference persists.

> So its only FireBird/given machine setting, nothing in the database.

But the character set is part of the database, not the machine or
Firebird itself... I take it that both you and your customer are using
the same version of Firebird?

> I dont have this field in firebird.conf: DoNotSortCsBetweenBs...

That was just Ivan joking a bit (about as sensible as an
ConfuseD_Dude_2003 setting), there is no such setting.