Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird and UPS advice
Author Stefan Heymann
> Hi One of my clients are using firebird with five pc's. of which 3
> are notebooks and 2 desktops.
The notebooks have their own UPS ;-)

> [...] is it bad for the database to loose the connection to a
> client?. Can it cause corruption.

Firebird is a so-called ACID database. ACID is the acronym for
1 - *A*tomicity
2 - *C*onsistency
3 - *I*solation
4 - *D*urability

Nr. 2, Consistency, is what we are talking about here. When the server
looses a connection to a client, it will roll back all pending
transactions of this client so the data stays consistent.

So there really is a simple answer to your question: No, loss of a
client connection can not cause corruption.

However, a power loss on the *server* can cause serious corruption.
You should get a UPS for the server (and/or switch "Forced Writes"

Best Regards