Subject Re: Installing Firebird on Fedora Core 3
Author Bernard Devlin

when you say ' i check it is running in the background' do you mean
you can see it running with the top or ps command?

To check which isql is being called try typing

which isql

from a console window and you will see which isql you are invoking
when you call it without a path.

I just instaled FB 1.5 SS on Fedora Core 4 this week. The only issue
I had was that the sysdba password was not configured to be what was
in SYSDBA.password, so 'masterkey' was still the default password.

Oh yes, there were also some missing file. So a 'yum
provides ' followed by the missing .so file told me where to get that
.so file.

Hope that helps,


--- In, "sarkis_webonlan"
<s.gabriel@...> wrote:
> Hi All
> I am having issues with installing it on FC3 it is getting installed
> but running it is another mater.
> After rpm -i i check it is running in the background, but i do not
> know what to do to check if it is working.
> i have tried isql but it sais it cant connect to server, also i would
> like to note that i have mysql running aswell.
> Thank you
> Sarky