Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: BAD BLR ??? Whats? Select Sum in View
Author Ann W. Harrison
Kurt Schneider wrote:
> "or to simplify the query." its a really complex, the view is result and
> return solds of movimention. i'm work with maximum simplify query, and the
> view have 235 lines. She contains UNIONS and GROUP BY and 30 relationship..
> it's really complex.

Yes, I sort of expected that, and that a stored procedure approach
wouldn't work. Unfortunately, there are some limits in the query
compiler and optimizer based on older machine architectures that
didn't have gigabytes of RAM - some offsets are 16 bits when they
could be 32, etc.
> But... the V2 of Firebird, is estable? A'm 220 clients use this database,
> and the update is really complex.
Well, it will be easier to test V2 of Firebird than to switch to
another database. As for its stability - well, Helen will point out
that it's not released and therefore not production quality. However,
it is a release candidate - the Linux version is RC2 - and should
be stable enough to test. If it doesn't solve your problem ... well,
then the problem is harder. If it does, then as soon as you can
convince yourself that the release is stable, the problem is solved.
Some people have been running V2 in production for over a year.