Subject Re: [firebird-support] locking a database
Author Ann W. Harrison
martinknappe wrote:
> i was looking for a way to 'lock' my database for other users while it
> is being accessed by by someone with insert/update privileges; is that
> possible?

We went to a lot of trouble to make such locking unnecessary, so
my question back to you is, "Why?" One way to get what you ask
for is to have your privileged users connect through the embedded
engine. Since the embedded engine gets a non-shared lock on the
database, other access will be blocked. Another approach is to
have insert/update users start transactions reserving all tables
for protected write - that won't block most readers, but will
block all other writes.

But we've worked very hard to make it possible for readers and
writers to coexist - why not let it happen?