Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB2 Release Notes in HTML
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Helen,

>> Can anybody help me? Where I can find Firebird 2.0 Release Notes
>> in HTML?

> Well, they are built. I just haven't worked out where to put them
> yet. When I do, I'll post a link in Dmitry Y's Developers' Journal.

We have the HTML user docs under htdocs/devel/doc/manual/html, which
is symlinked as htdocs/manual. So the URL we publish is

(PDFs are in htdocs/devel/doc/manual/pdf, symlinked htdocs/pdfmanual,

Maybe you could do something analogous with the Release Notes. E.g. a
directory htdocs/devel/doc/rlsnotes/html with a well-chosen symlink
directly in htdocs so as to get a good, short URL.

Paul Vinkenoog