Subject Re: [firebird-support] something like GROUP_CONCAT ?
Author Martijn Tonies
Hello Peter,

> I'm still a FB newbie, wonder if in FB (1.5.2.x) there is something
> similar in functionality to mySQL's GROUP_CONCAT ?

No, not currently.

> What I want is to create a string with delimited values from the
> result of a query. For example if I have a table with two Integer
> columns like this:
> ----
> orderID workerID
> 100 8
> 101 15
> 100 10
> ----
> ,I want to retrieve all workerID's that match given orderID as a
> string.
> Here the result for orderID 100 should be a string "8,10" or "10,8" -
> the order doesn't matter.
> Can this be done in a simple way without loops, casting etc.?

Well, you can write a stored procedure that does that, but that's
about it.

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