Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird stops accepting connections after heavy load for 2-10 hours
Author Alan McDonald
> We are running firebird 1.5.3 under Linux Fedora Core 5.
> The machine:
> Xeon 3.2 GHZ (HT disabled)
> 2 GB RAM
> SCSI disk
> We turned off selinux.
> We are using the default configuration file.
> We have up to 300 concurrent connections all coming from
> a windows web server running Apache2, PHP and GDS32.dll from
> the windows version of firebird 1.5.3.

300 connections, - are you using pconnect? or connect? with pconnect, the
connections should be much lower. 300 simultaneous connections sounds like
many hundred thousand simultaneous visits (hits).

> Our database starts out empty, but every connection uploads
> data with a lot of inserts. Forced Writes are OFF.
> Firebird works great for 2-10 hours and then stops accepting
> connections. At this point CPU usage goes to almost 100%
> and stays there.
> Sweeps are set to the default 20000, and they happen regularly before
> Firebird dies, I checked.
> We left the server up to see if it would recover, it did not recover
> after about 10 hours of just sitting there with 100% CPU.
> There is plenty of harddrive space.
> There are no unusual messages in firebird.log or var/log/messages
> firebird.log just has a lot of errno 9 socket errors, but those
> happen all the time with Firebird is working properly. When Firebird
> stops accepting connections, it does not write anything to firebird.log
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> PS, running our app on the windows version of firebird, we see
> worse performance (Forced Writes are ON) and eventually the database
> throws BUGCHECK (290) deadlock - error during savepoint backout, could
> this be the same problem with different result on linux?
> Thank You,