Subject Re: [firebird-support] ODBC List And Programming Question
Author Helen Borrie

At 11:05 PM 13/05/2006, you wrote:
>I've tried to e-mail the ODBC list but nothing comes back to my in-box so
>the list might be having problems, not sure but it's been some time now.

Your messages are appearing in the ODBC list (several over the past
day) and they are being faithfully answered by Vladimir.

>Also, couldn't find my message on the Archived ODBC List messages.

Why not try the newsgroup interface at news:// The
group id is sourceforge.firebird.odbc.devel

>The following is an example I picked up off the internet:
>Is the "\n" some kind of C++ thing, a translation thing for a space
>character or does it sound like it should be included in the actual
>Attribute String?
>' Example use:
>' const char * strDriver = "Firebird/InterBase(r) driver";
>' char strAttributes[256] =
>' "DSN = MyFbDSN;\n"
>' "CREATE_DB = NewFbDatabase.fdb;\n"
>' "UID = SYSDBA;\n"
>' "PWD = masterkey;\n"
>' "CHARSET = NONE;\n"
>' "PAGESIZE = 8192;\n"
>' "DIALECT = 3;\n";
>' SQLConfigDataSource( NULL, ODBC_ADD_DSN, strDriver,strAttributes );
>I thought someone on-list familiar with ODBC and, or, the C programming
>language might know the answer.

AFAIK, it's just the widely-used convention for passing a newline
character (ascii 10) in a string.

>Also, is anyone aware of problems with the ODBC list?

No; and I've also checked to see whether the list processor has
disabled your account, but it hasn't. The Sourceforge lists
sometimes perform badly on weekends, though...

You also might like to check whether your junk filter is being a bit
heavy-handed with list mail...or ask your ISP if it is filtering out
sourceforge mail.

^ heLen