Subject Re: Using embedded FireBird server
Author Adam
--- In, "lec_sas" <lec_sas@...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was testing the examples that came in the win23/examples
> directory with the 1.5.3 version of FireBird. I am a new FireBird
> user and I am just trying to get a feel for how to get setup. I am
> having an issue with running api1.c. It compiles fine, however when
> it executes I see the following results:
> The source code cleaned up and trimmed down looks like this:
> ISC_STATUS status_vector[20];
> isc_db_handle newdb = NULL;
> isc_tr_handle trans = NULL;
> char* create_db = "CREATE DATABASE new.fdb";
> if(isc_dsql_execute_immediate(status_vector, &newdb, &trans,
> 0, create_db, 1, NULL)){
> /* Error Routine */
> }
> Error:
> Your user name and password are not defined. Ask your database
> administrator to set up a Firebird login.
> This sounds reasonable, however from reading the documentation I
> gathered that there is no security layer with the embedded server
> and there should be no problem accessing the routines.

There is a security layer, just the user security is not policed. You
still need to provide a legitimate user with permissions in the
database (SYSDBA is fine) and any password will be accepted.

> I am using Visual Studio 2005 as my compiler. Along with having the
> fbclient.dll, I had to include fbclient_ms.lib in my project as well.

The fbclient.dll you will need is a renamed fbembed.dll. Some
components allow you to specifically name the client library, so you
will need to check with the documentation of your particular component
set to see what it requires.

> All I have done so far with regard to server configuration is drop
> the library files into the directory.
> How can I get my database up and running?

What about the other things it needs, the .msg file and UDF folders etc?

Basically extract the embedded zip archive and copy your application
exe/dll/etc into that folder.