Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Triggers to automagically add/modify/delete data in another table ?
Author Adriano

>Are you familiar with using foreign keys and defining SQL joins, because to
>anyway it appears to be simply what you are after?

I'm really a beginner.
I'm trying to reading and study a much as possible to well understand these
new concepts.

In effect i could avoid to duplicate data in these two table and leave the
data in Table A (there are many columns in it, in the example above i've
drastically simplify the scenario) all the data and then simply create a
VIEW to catch the unique data i need from the 2 table.

For other verse i could make a SQL joins.

But what about foreign keys ?
Could you make me an example of that ?
Using foreign keys (i need a column in a third table where stored all the
unique ID ?) i've also use triggers ?
I'm reading here: to well understand
what you're talking about

thanks, and, again, sorry for these elementary questions

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