Subject Re: Firebird Embeded instalation error
Author Zoran Zivkovic
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> --- In, "Zoran Zivkovic"
> <zilez2003@> wrote:
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> > Hi All,
> >
> > I am preparing catalogue application which we will use embeded
> > of Firebird 1.5.3. I made instalation application with ino setup
> > compiler for this application to install.
> >
> > I am testing it, and on 2 exactly same Win98 machines ( with
> > 6.0 already installed on both machines) i have diferent results.
> > one machine everything works fine - on other I am receiving
> > error when I start my catalogue application:
> >
> > "Interbase Client Library GDS32.DLL is not installed".
> >
> > Is this error mesage caused by IB 6.0 ?
> > If yes, why it works on other same machine without errors?
> > If not, what could be cause of this message ?
> Not knowing what your setup script does, did you remember to rename
> the fbembedded.dll to gds32.dll? What connection string is your
> application are you attempting? If you are attempting a loopback via
> localhost, then my guess is that you are accidentally connecting to
> the Interbase server rather than the embedded server.
> Adam

Adam, fbemedded.dll renamed to gds32.dll. On one win98 machine it
works fine, one some other not. Yes, both machines already has
interbase 6.0 client installed. I am targeting database only with file
name (without path), since database is in the same folder as app. I
think also that it has some conection to Interbase, but I don't know
how to avoid error message mentioned in first message.

If someone can help, I would appreciate.