Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Slow search on a primary key index
Author ian
Robin Davis wrote:
> Hi,
> Ann W. Harrison wrote:
>> For reasons I don't quite understand, Access is asking for
>> the whole table and doing the filtering locally, unless you
>> specify FILTER or WHOLE FIELD.
This is an Access issue, not a Firebird one. MS Access is very good at
some things, but sufficiently non-standard to be a pain at times.
Remember that Access is a complete (, non-standard, desktop) RDMS
itself, so it handles connections with other RDMSs in its own way, which
is not necessarily the same as creating an interface application in
Delphi/VS/other IDE.

> My FDB uses win1252 collation so I can have lower case searches on
> various varchar fields.

Access, by default, is case insensitive.

They all work superbly except for the primary
> key. Why is that? I can get round the problem but I don't understand.
> Based on the above I would have thought I'd be getting grief on all fields.

Access has either not identified the PK index, or it has decided it
cannot use it.