Subject Re: ...Connection actively refused by computer
Author pi3k14
--- In, dodi agusri <dodi_tdp@...>
> I tried to make an ODBC Connection from client
> computer to A Computer act as Firebird Server( have
> Firebird 1.5 Installed).But It failed With Message
> "...Connection actively refused by computer",That
> message also appeared
> where I tried to Connect with IBexpert Software
> Installed On Client computer. what is the Problem ?

Your server might have been setup to listen on a different port (not
3050), or you have a firebird server on your client that is setup to
listen on another port. The later will cause remote connections to use
your local setup as default port, instead of 3050. This problem might
be solved by putting a copy of gds32.dll in the application folder of
your client program (don't know why that works :)
A faulty gds32.dll might also give this message.