Subject Re: [firebird-support] Does Firebird 2.0 support mixed case in field names?
Author Mario Lacunza

Martijn Tonies <m.tonies@...> escribió: Michael,
Now, with Dialect 3, Firebird allows you to decide if you want case
sensitive names, keywords in names, special characters etc...

You can force case and all of the above by using double quotes:

TABLE "MixedCase"

can only be used as: "MixedCase"

TABLE mixedCase (without quotes) can be used as:


See the difference? No quotes: no case enforcing, quotes: case enforcing
EXCEPT if you used all uppercase case characters.

Sure?? I use Ubuntu and Flamerobin to create DB and tables, I use Dialect 3
, Characterset= None and if:

CREATE "table1"

the treeview shows:


but when I try to use in a select statement (with Python+KinterbasDb) the query resultset is wrong, no Table name exist.....

In Ubuntu I use utf-8...

Any Idea?

Saludos / Best regards

Mario Lacunza
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