Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Slow search on a primary key index
Author ian
Robin Davis wrote:
> Hi,
>>> Please tell me you did not explicitly define an index on Invoice
>>> Number.
> Nope, no second index.
>>> Run your
>>> query from iSQL. If you don't get the same issue, then your problem
>>> isn't with Firebird.
> I did that, and the result came back instantly. Ergo, a problem with the
> search fucntion in Access I suppose.

How are the tables linked to Access? Sometimes Access presents you with
a list of indexes and asks you to pick the unique identifier, so if you
do not tell it, then it assumes there is none.

Strange, if I FILTER for the
> record, the result is as quick as iSQL. A way round the problem I
> suppose, but not ideal.

Access is probably building its own index here and, although off topic,
this may well be the best way to set up your enquiry form. Is there any
difference in the filtering speeds on different columns?