Subject Re: [firebird-support] May be a bug in Firebird 2
Author Dmitry Yemanov
"Marco Castroo" <mcastro@...> wrote:
> Can you explain why this query (that runs in FB1.5) is not running?
> Insert Into NotasSaida (NotaSaida, Transportadora, Cliente, Filial,
> Usuario, Serie, Tipo_Nota, Numero, DataEmissao, Transporte,
> Quantidade, Especie, Peso, Desconto, Responsavel, Ultimo_Acesso,
> Observacoes, CodOperacao, IRPJ, Vendedor, StatusFrete, Status,
> DataAcerto, Gerar_Encomenda, Pedido, Caixa, Cancelada, ISS_Fonte,
> Documento_Colecao, Box, Cancelada)

You insert data into column Cancelada two times. FB2 prohibits this, as
there's no guarantee what value (if different) will be stored there.