Subject Re: [firebird-support] What's ANY_LOCK_MEM_SIZE ?
Author Ann W. Harrison
Dmitry Yemanov wrote:
>>However, it doesn't say what's the difference between ANY_LOCK_MEM_SIZE
>> and V4_LOCK_MEM_SIZE.
> The V4 ones are used by the server, whilst ANY ones are ignored. Don't ask
> me why :-)

The configuration parameters in all caps were replaced with new
equivalents in Firebird 1.5, and duplicates were eliminated, so
this confusing will eventually go away.

The old style configuration was inherited from InterBase. The
V4xxx parameters were added when InterBase V5 was created, and
represent the old way of doing things - old, that is, in 1995,
so now the V4xxx are ancient. The ANYxxx are the new way. The
configuration file handling is a bit hard to follow, but my
understanding is that if you define a value for neither
V4_LOCK_MEM_SIZE or ANY_LOCK_MEM_SIZE, the system will use
the default. If you define a value for either, it will use
that value, if the value is in a range of acceptable values.
If you use both, the ANY_LOCK_MEM_SIZE will be used, again
only if it is in the reasonable range. If you define both
and the ANY_LOCK_MEM_SIZE value is outside the reasonable
range, Firebird uses the default memory size.