Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using a Mapped FB Database for Application
Author Gaurav Sood
> *If* there is a Fb or IB server running on the same physical machine
> as Database Explorer (which is just a client application) AND there
> is a database file of the given path and name on THAT same machine,
> then "localhost" will find and connect to THAT database.
> Note that, by having those parameters in the TDatabase Params
> property, your application is hard-wired to connect to that
> testing.gdb database.

During design time, I am able to establish a connection to the
database using localhost. However, the acutal database that the
appliation connets to at run-time is determined by the .ini file which
is read by the application for parameters. Therefore, the 'hard-wired'
effect only seems to last so long as we are in design time (I believe
I used it ot validate that things were working)

However, I am concerned that I maybe I should have different detials
in the TDatabase params field. I have checked the previous code and
found the TDatabase Param set as follows:

This did not seem to work properly during initial development, so I
changed it to the above (using Localhost:C:\Path\Database.gdb). So, I
have I missed the subtlety of the programming here by making something
hard-wired ? I don't quite know how the IB_SERVER:/PATH/DATABASE.GDB
would work, or where it would retrieve details for the database (which
I presume it would find and substitute from the .INI file) what
do it do with SERVER NAME now ?

What should TDatabase theoretically point to if I am designing for a
client who could have a local or remote database ?