Subject Re: BDE Question
Author cdb4w
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> OK, I'll try to be concise...

Thanks for the reply Helen.

Please do not mistake my question as supporting the continued use of
the BDE - that is far from the truth. What I needed to know and could
not find until now is the reason WHY people are saying do not use the

FYI: We managed to get SQL generation occuring for the BDE by using
the Native Interbase driver against firebird 1.0 (we know they are
compatible). To any lurkers, please do not use the Interbase Driver
in production this is purely to see what the BDE was doing nothing
more nothing less.

Anyway Helen, your explanation is great and hopefully anyone else
needing to know in a nutshell the issues would do well to read your