Subject Re: [firebird-support] Change sysdba password
Author Helen Borrie
>From: "francoemic" <Michel.Francoeur@...>
> > i have installed firebird 2.0 on my windows server 2003. I tried gsec -
> > user sysdba -password masterkey. I wanted change sysdba password and i
> > already have "cannot attach services manager unable to open database"

At 04:24 AM 2/05/2006, Woody wrote:

>Firebird 2.0 questions/problems belong on the development list until it is
>released as a final product. The support list is for current "released"
>versions of FB.
>(Sorry Helen/Ann, didn't mean to take your job :)

Hah, Woody, the beleagurered list mods need all the help they can get!

However, to Michel: if you are playing around with Fb 2.0, it is
ESSENTIAL to study the release notes. You will find your answers there.

In firebird-devel, they are interested in hearing about things that
don't work -- the idea of a beta cycle being to fix things that don't
work as designed -- but it's not a help forum for people who haven't
followed the instructions in the release notes.

On the other hand, if you are a newbie at Firebird, then a beta
version probably isn't a good place to start...