Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird on BSD issues
Author Nigel Weeks
> Can someone possibly answer a few questions for me.
> A client of mine has built Firebird from source ( on a
> FreeBSD machine.

Presumably from the ports tree? (/usr/ports/databases/firebird-server/)

> A couple of things are happening.
> 1. No entries are ever written to firebird.log file

You mean the file is empty, or you're not getting errors to do with your
current problem?
My firebird.log is '/var/db/firebird/firebird.log' Is yours the same?

> 2. Upon connection with IBExpert, after it fills the table
> list on the
> left side, it immediately generates an error "error reading data from
> connection" and says i can restore or close the database. if
> i restore
> everything appears to work fine.
> Can someone tell me what would cause the connection to close
> right after
> it does its opening queries? EMS SQL manager does not have
> the same
> issues, it connects and shows no messages.

I'd be looking at the differences between how these applications connect.

I've never seen an error like like with the FreeBSD/Firebird combo - this is
very interesting.

> Also, my application causes the same error when it connects,
> when i am
> using sqldirect via fbclient.dll, using my application with the BDE i
> dont get the error message.

One other thing - you've got the same version of firebird libraries and
dll's on the server and the client?
It could be that the message you're getting is out of step with the problem
that's actually occuring...