Subject Re: Permission problem
Author Adam
--- In, Todd Cary <todd@...> wrote:
> Adam -
> Thank you for taking so much time with your informative answer.
Yes, it
> is time I broke out the Perl book and write a backup script for the
> At this time I cannot determine if there is any problems with the
DB's I
> am getting the permissions problem. I am not a Linux guru...just know
> enough to do the basics. One option I am considering is to remove
> Firebird with the RPM uninstall and remove the DB's (on the backup
> server) and reinstall Firebird (FirebirdSS 1.5) with the hope that the
> permissions problem will be corrected. Then I'll restore the Firebird
> backups on the backup server. Does this sound reasonable?
> Todd

Sounds reasonable to me, I know enough to feel my way around but I
don't need to use Linux on a daily basis, actually my firewall is
linux so I do use it daily, ah you get my drift.

Milan's post indicated that rsync itself may be setup to deal with
permissions in a way that causes this issue, but you may not even need
to worry with rsync if they are on the same LAN.